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Summer Camp

Scripps Nature Summer Camp combines traditional camp experiences with sports and arts

We offer programs for ages 6 -14, with sessions lasting two weeks long running from June through August. Scripps Nature Summer Camp encourages children to connect with nature, play sports and spark their creativity.

Campers will be picked up and dropped off by our experienced and qualified counselors. Campers needing extended care, (before or after the standard day) will meet at Flip Force San Diego.

Each day campers will have the opportunity to hike, explore and discover a new site. Each venue will bring a new adventure.

After exploring, campers will tap in to their creative side through a series of art projects and a puppetry workshop. Camper will learn how to create their own puppets.

In the early afternoon campers will flip, jump, and bounce at Flip Force San Diego. At this elite multi-sport gym, children can experiment with trampoline, tumbling and parkour.

To finish off the day, campers will be invited to play soccer or join in on a swim session.

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Exploration Sites

Our nature discovery will occur in a variety of parks, gardens, farms and preserves. Primary exploration sites will include –

    • Creek Sabre Springs
    • Lake Miramar
    • Local beaches
    • Miramar Ranch Library
    • Overlook Loop Trail
    • Penasquitos Canyon preserve
    • Twin Peaks Trailhead

    Rhythm of the Day

    While each day may bring new adventures, here is what campers can expect on a typical day.  

    ** Snack is provided and will be any combination of: Seasonal quick bread, Aussie bites, rice crackers, dry fruit or seasonal fruit.

    *** Campers are required to bring their own lunch and water


    * Pricing is inclusive of two weeks. 

    Pricing for summer camp

    Daily Supplies

    Please make sure your camper is prepared for all the elements. We will be outdoors rain or shine.

      • Water Bottle
      • Daily Lunch
      • Appropriately sized and supportive back pack (please no media characters) You Can Purchase Here
      • Extra set of clothes (including socks) remaining in back pack
      • Bathing Suit & Towel
      • Sunblock
      Rainy Day Clothing (please no media characters)
        • Waterproof boots
        • Waterproof coat
        • Waterproof pants
        • Sweatshirt to wear under rain coat
        • Hat or visor
      Sunny Day Clothing (please no media characters)
        • Tennis shoes or hiking boots
        • Extra water
        • Sun glasses
        • Long sleeve top layer (for sun protection)
        • Hat or visor

        In addition to our Summer Camp - we offer a year round outdoor program as well as an after school program.