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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Scripps Nature Camp. Here are a few frequently asked thoughts. If there is anything unanswered please contact us.

Currently our main exploration sites are:
  • Creek Sabre Springs
  • Lake Miramar
  • Local beaches
  • Miramar Ranch Library
  • Overlook Loop Trail
  • Penasquitos Canyon preserve
  • Twin Peaks Trailhead
We meet at our designated exploration site at 8am. We will return at approximately 12pm.
We have a 7:1 student to teacher ratio.
We are are happy to announce we now offer an after school program at Flip Force San Diego. Visit our After School Program to learn more.  
Scripps Nature Camp is in session rain or shine. Safety is our utmost concern, so we take all necessary precautions to prepare for the elements.
Children should be approximately 3 years of age and be able to communicate effectively. Explorers will need to be able to follow directions carefully. We do welcome school age children / siblings to participate. 
We offer an organic snack. Children will bring their own lunch and water bottle.
Scripps Nature Camp is a full language immersion program. Our native Spanish speaking teachers share their love of their country, passion for education, customs and native speaking dialect with each child!
Monthly Tuition is as follows:
  • $40 1 day drop-in (each occurrence)
  • $140 1 Day per week (monthly)
  • $280 2 Days per week (monthly)
  • $420 3 Days (monthly)
  • $560 4 Days (monthly)
  • $700 5 Days (monthly)
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