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Music In Play

When: June 21st 2019 / 5:00 - 7:00 pm - Please RSVP below

Where: Spring Canyon Park
10380 Spring Canyon Rd San Diego 92131
(Next to main entrance from Innovations school)

Music in Play

Event Details: Through specially crafted games and activities, we will discover the true meaning of play. We will explore our creativity with movement and dance. Music in the form of singing and instruments will inspire us to connect with our spontaneity and Joy.

When we are able to come together and experience 'real' play, our curiosity, joy, and presence are able to flourish. It is in this space that we can once again breathe freely, discover our intuition and explore our great capacity of creativity.

As adults, we cultivate our attention. We recognize and work with our social anxiety, our fears, and the many ways in which we can relate with our children.
This community practice came out of our work with Par Ahlbom's intuitive Pedagogy'and other forms of alternative education, including Waldorf and Orff-Schulwerk, among others.

Alejandro Jen has experience as a school teacher, professional musician, and workshop leader in a variety of formats. Julia Sneldrova has experience in alternative education, nature camps and also as a workshop leader. Their wide experience and continued study have prepared them with the insights and capacities needed to lead this unique workshop. 





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